Thursday, 20 August 2009

Yuck Yuck Yuck!

Well not really, you see I am one of those weird people who actually think slugs are quite cute. But this monster had to be seen to be believed. Every night before dark I check my greenhouse for the little darlings, otherwise I don't think I would have many tomatoes, cucumbers or beans come the morning. Sometimes I have taken away about 16 of them to the far end of the garden. Last night, I couldn't believe this one, I think it's probably the biggest I've ever seen. Brought him in to measure and he was over 5 inches OMG!

Hmmm, well been a busy few days but today not done much at all, lots that needs doing but can't get motivated, not helped by the fact I've had a splitting headache all day, taken two of my migraine pills now but still not feeling bright. Weather not helping, one minute quite sunny, but gale force wind all day and horrendous sudden downpours, hailstones at one time, unbelievable, it's August isn't it, not April????


Tricia said...

Oh poor Jan - hope you feel better soon!

(Can't get too excited about your slug - not very keen on them I'm afraid to say.)

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, that's one big slug. I've hardly seen any this year. Hope your headache gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen them copulating? Makes me turn my head the other way.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Jan, (from one Jan to another ;) ) Thank you so much for visiting my blog, (I haven't answered your comment yet but will very soon), but I just had to come over here and take a peek and I'm so glad I did. Can there really be anyone else as dotty about dogs as I am (and always have been!), I just love your beautiful Emma, I have been owned by four beautiful Cavaliers in the past (all Blenheims) and what delightful little dogs they are!

However I'm not quite so enamoured by your giant slug! I went out to refill the bird feeders this evening in the half light and inadvertently stood on something which felt squidgy, YUK it was a very large slug!!!

As for motivation, oh goodness! What's that?

ShySongbird said...

Hope you don't mind me coming back again Jan, I just spotted the comment you left on Pete's site. So sorry you are plagued with Tricho, it really is an awful disease. I'm sure you are right about it coinciding with wet weather and it is a water borne disease and carried in birds saliva so it is easily passed on via water dishes, bird baths and I'm guessing soggy food. I had three dead finches some weeks ago and also saw others fluffed up. Recently I haven't seen any problems and 'Dr Sprawk' hasn't been in evidence lately either. Like you I hate to think of the birds being taken by the hawk but if it puts the sickly ones out of their misery then I can accept it. I hope things improve for you soon.