Monday, 7 September 2009

Few Pictures

Heron at Sandy Water Park

Slow Worm in Alan's Garden

The first Wind Turbine on the hillside above our village appeared about 3 weeks back

... and then there were 6, 4 to go (for now, plans are for about a hundred eventually...) Taken today. My home is in direct line with the one second in from the right, about a mile away. My friends farm, where I look after the animals, has one about 200 metres away in a field next to theirs. We are all praying they don't make the awful noise that we have been warned about.


oldcrow61 said...

Neat slow worm. I hope the wind turbines don't cause any trouble. I've heard that they can be noisy.

Tricia said...

Well done on the slow worm - lovely bronze colours.

Fingers crossed that the wind turbines don't intrude - they're in such a beautiful spot!

Pete said...

it is a pretty spot eh jan