Monday, 11 August 2008

My Poor Garden!

Will blog about my weekend when I get round to it, but for now just a quickie before tea as I've been out today, leaving the workmen to it to do the base for my oil tank for the central heating. They said they didn't need access to the house today, so I made the most of it and went over to Pat's for the afternoon. Came home to find half the garden cordoned off and a HUGE trench has been dug too, not that I mind really, they are supposed to make good after, and the less grass I have to cut the better really! This morning, Alan and I had to chop down half of my bamboo too as the slab base was bigger than the gap we'd created. Still, it will grow again and shouldn't kill it.

Anyway, I took the camera out to take a few photos, and little Frank appeared to commiserate with me, he landed almost on me, and then let me put the camera right in his face to take the photos, he's amazing. Pepper was up in the area that had been dug, and wasn't particularly interested in me I guess he'd found lost of nice worms. Today, I got another baby robin to feed from me too - named him Sage, took some this morning, and again just now. Chuffed. :o)

Newby - Sage


oldcrow61 said...

I guess you are chuffed. What great pictures of little Frank. The newbie, Sage, is so sweet.

Mary said...

Just think they are doing all the hard work and you may get a new garden design when they have finished

Janine said...

Sage is lovely. I am sure he is finding plenty of worms. Who knows perhaps you might find some interesting artifacts unearthed by the trenchers?