Monday, 18 August 2008

Saturday and Sunday

No fainting, but I'm actually getting this done the day after instead of a week later! Due to the fact been stuck indoors all day because of the workmen being here and also because it's been pouring with rain non stop since about 4pm yesterday. Winds gusting outside right now to about 50mph, lights on in the house since 6pm, heater on in the hall. It's still supposed to be summer haha bloody ha.

Anyway, Saturday was also raining all day. We went to Cardigan and looked round the shops, walked Emma down the towpath alongside the river, had lunch, came home and watched tv.

Sunday we went to Ogmore by Sea and Southerndown, (nearest town Bridgend.) Was lovely in the morning, photos below - and there's more here - Had a nice walk, there's a Victorian walled garden, some ruins, cliffs and miles to explore. You can see right across the Bristol Channel to Somerset, in one photo you will see the land in the distance, which will be Minehead, it almost looked like you could swim it!

Went on from there to Alan's dads, very bad news, all the family was there as the doctors think he hasn't long left now, so sad to see him go down hill so fast, only a few weeks ago he was able to go out into his greenhouse, now he is out of it mostly. Feel very upset, but they have all been expecting it for a while now.

Well I'm about to jump in the shower as I won't get a chance in the morning now, unless I get up about 6 am, no thanks!

I can do bees....


Tricia said...

Great bees Jan. And the coastline is amazing!! Beautiful.

oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens, you don't stop much do you. Always on the trot, lol. That picture of Emma is hilarious. All great pictures. Sorry to hear about Alans father. Must be a very difficult time for the family.