Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Please let it end!

I'm going up the wall, stuck here, it's a complete nightmare! Council are upgrading all the places and luckily (or not) I am one of the first, I could've had a new kitchen, bathroom too, but decided mine were fine, apart from kitchen floor, so at present I am sitting in the living room, trying to watch the olympics through the tiny gap alongside my fridge and freezer. I have half the contents of the kitchen in here, and the rest in the bedroom. I wished I'd taken up my lino from the kitchen as planned, because the workmen came in before I knew as the door was open and have ripped it up. I was hoping to get it in one piece as I was going to use it in the bird shed. Sigh. I can't go to the loo because the boy is in the loft and tools and stuff all over the floor so couldn't shut the door even if I wanted to. I have had to go wee up behind the aviary! The main cause of the disruption though is having oil fired central heating put in, which I did want, and all my electrics have been upgraded, new sockets everywhere and lots more of them. I had no electricity all day Friday, and about 3 hours again yesterday.

Have to mention the weather of course. Done nothing but blow and pee with rain apart from the odd day here and there for about a month. Luckily today is one of the odd days so the bloke is fitting the central heating boiler outside on the wall. It's bloody huge, sticks out about 4 feet so no chance of walking down the path anymore without sludging into the grass. There is now a dispute as to whose responsibility it is to remove the old storage heaters, so I've lost about 4 feet of wall space at the moment in the bedroom and living room until the old ones are out of the way. I'll bloody rip the things off myself if they don't sort it out by Thursday. I need to find a new home for Chippy and Alfie's cage as they can't now sit in the window on top of the heater.

Well, best find something else to do now, hoping they leave about 4 o'clock so I can nip into Llandysul and get Emma's heart pills from the vets, else will have to go first thing tomorrow as she took her last one this morning, and if I get really lucky I will get to see Damien. Swoon. (Yes still, after all this time)

Hey ho, happy days. :o(


Janine said...

Sorry to hear about all the upheaval Jan. Think how nice the central heating will be in the winter though! Great photos of the cliffs in last post. Thoughts and prayers for you and Alan and family.

Tricia said...

Jan - I sure hope they will finish soon and leave you in peace!

Good luck at the vets - whenever you get there :)

avalon said...

What a mess you sound in, still all will be done soon and you and emma will be nice and warm for the winter, you can't believe how much mess there is either can you, chin up! Thinking of you

avalon said...

Sorry jan just read your last post thoughts are with you and alan

Pete said...

you love it. all that moaning!!!

no seriously I know it is getting you down ((JAN)). loved seeing the hogs

oldcrow61 said...

I can understand your frustration. Nothing worse than having your nest in an upheaval. Hopefully it will soon be all over and you'll be sitting back happy with the results. Hugs.