Friday, 15 August 2008

Just an even quicker quicky

Well I was without electric nearly all day in the event, I wrote the stuff below here when on battery power in Notepad, so will paste this now otherwise I will get even further behind. I will have to upload the photos another time, although nothing special as they were only taken with the Nokia this time, no camera with me, apart from some of Frank and Pepper today.

No doubt be more stuff after this weekend too, but not sure as the weather is attrocious outside right now and is supposed to be like it all for the next few days again. sigh.

Well. I'm sitting here slightly bored, slightly embarrassed, and trying to keep out of the way of the two young workmen who are here putting in lots of nice shiny new electric sockets, light fittings, smoke detectors etc. Their tools and tool boxes are all over the house, I have no electric and due to a burst water main in the village earlier, had no bloody water either first thing, it was off for about 3 hours. I had to go to the car and get the dog's water bottle out to make myself a coffee this morning!

So I will briefly mention last weekend, on Saturday, it was the most awful, horrendous weather, it was also Alan's birthday, so we just went out for lunch, intending to take Emma for a walk after, but in the event, no chance, it never stopped lashing down so we came home again and watched telly!

On Sunday, we went to Barry Island, my first ever visit, and it was like stepping back in time again to a typical seaside town in Kent, like being in the 60s really. Amusement arcades, shops selling buckets and spades, the beach of course, which due to the bad weather (although not raining, but chilly and blowing a gale) had about three lots of people on it. We had lunch again, a look around, and a walk out onto the headland, where it was hard to stand up. Some hilarious photos of Emma to follow. Stopped off at a huge Tesco and got some shopping, on the way to see Alan's dad and sister.

Wednesday met Alan at Llanelli for lunch and shopping and walked Emma round the lake where we went earlier back in May I think it was. The wind was so bad that all the swans were sheltering one end behind the trees, and there was an enormous flock of gulls down on the grass, which shows how bad the sea must've been.

I've just been outside as today it's not raining (hooray) and taken some great photos of Frank and Pepper, they are giving me so much pleasure, Frank (I'm such a Poser) and Pepper (I just love to sunbathe) I am now calling them, lol. Also still feeding little Sage, but I have a funny feeling there may be two Sages! I must take a note of the markings as I did with the other two, who are currently easy to tell apart. When they get rid of their baby spots and develop the full red it's going to be hard though.

The summer has been the worst I can ever, ever remember, I am not kidding. The wind, the rain, and now the cold is ridiculous. Last night the temperature up by my aviary dropped to 2c, almost had a frost, in mid August! Really had enough, and I doubt now if we will have anything much better, there's a real chill in the air even when the sun is out again.

Frank posing

Pep sunbathing

Frank left, Pep right, a temporary truce


Janine said...

Sorry youre having such awful weather! We have had loads of thunderstorms as well. Nice to see Frank and Pepper tolerating each other. Cute photos as always!

Pete said...

lovely robins. think it has been marginally better than last year. think from cornish jan says you've borne the brunt.

oldcrow61 said...

Absolutely love the pictures of the little birds. What darlings. Sorry to hear that the weather has been so bad for you this summer. Hopefully fall will be better.

avalon said...

cor! three lovely young workmen and your hiding away shame on you jan hope you are all fixed soon, great photos as always

Anonymous said...

Oh I do like Frank! Looks like he's the only one who's not fed up with the weather.

It's just as bad down here... rain forecast for every day this week.