Friday, 27 March 2009


Well little Frank has been back and forth lately. He went missing for almost 2 weeks and I was fearing the worst, the mealworms were down to the last few and I wasn't going to get anymore, then suddenly on Tuesday morning, he appeared at the kitchen window, and devoured the lot, good timing as I was about to go to the pet shop that day when I could buy some more.

Anyway, he's been around every day since and twice today. Was at the living room first thing, and then when I went up to do my aviary about 10.30 he was there too, so I had to traipse back indoors in my wellies to get the worms, so took the camera too, and he posed nicely for me.

However, had an awful shock, I can't be sure but just after I'd given him his 5th worm, my cockatiels all went barmy and screaming, and this bird flashed past my face between me and Frank, and shot up behind the aviary. It was all so fast I didn't get to see, but I think it was a Sparrowhawk, and I can't be 100% sure it didn't get Frank! I am now worried to death. I don't think it did, and not even sure it was a hawk, because all the other birds didn't appear to be phased by it, the Chaffs were still in the tree nearby and Goldfinches on the feeder at the back, everything normally disappears for ages after a hawk has been about.

Just hoping upon hope now that he's ok. Will update as soon as I have any news.

Now better get on and do something I suppose. Sigh.


Betty said...

Little Frank is just beautiful! I'm glad he came back for worms; and, I'll keep hoping he is alright! We have hawks which actually steal little dogs out of yards...aarrgh! It's for sure something upset the other birds; but, as you said, if they stayed around, hopefully it was just something passing through. Please let us know when Frank returns. It's one of those stories we look forward to.

Pete said...

unlikely Jan. if it did you would have seen something, feathers etc. sure he's fine

I think this sheep fetish means you are becoming welsh :D

Jan said...


Tricia said...

I tend to agree with Pete on this one Jan. Frank would have protested audibly so I'm sure you would have been aware

Your days at the farm do sound good.

Janine said...

Lovely to see cute little Frank. I agree that he is probably fine since there were no feathers or anything. Perhaps the other bird was swooping in to get some mealworms?

oldcrow61 said...

That little Frank is just too cute. I just love the second picture down, he has such a quizzical look on his face. I expect if that was some kind of hawk there wouldn't be birds still at your feeder. Here everything disappears as soon as a hawk is seen. I'm sure Frank will be okay.