Monday, 6 April 2009

Latest news

Well I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath, but good news about little Frank. He appeared in the front porch one day last week, but I didn't report then because I wasn't 100% sure it was him, he hid from me at first (or so I thought) then he came on the wall, took ages to decided whether he would take the worm from me, and then when he did, he flew off with it in his beak like a rocket, so I was half convinced it was an untame one, and he was just plucking up the courage.

Anyway, there was repeat performance on Saturday morning, but this time he was more laid-back, took three worms, but on the third one, another robin appeared from the junk stored in next door's porch and chased Frank off across the gardens, so maybe that was what was freaking him out before.

So anyhow, today, was in the kitchen earlier and looked across to my bird feeders up the garden, and a robin was there - he saw me and flew over instantly to the windowsill, took 5 mealworms, two suet pellets and then went! Relief. He's fine. :)

Okay so other stuff, been really busy, had a great weekend with the weather. Saturday we went to Lampeter, had lunch and then took Emma for a nice walk along the Peterwell forestry, haven't been there since about last May, no bluebells out yet but they won't be long by the looks of things.

Sunday we went to the big car boot sale at the Showground and then onto Laugharne another place not been to since about Easter last year or maybe the first Bank Holiday Monday, can't remember. The place was absolutely packed, it could have been mid-summer and height of the tourist season. Nowhere to park, all the cafes full, anyway had a lovely walk, lunch out, ice creams etc.

Photos below are of two of the lovely Camelia's in Alan's garden, and Laugharne Castle, Emma in the moat, and a view across the estuary.

Today it's been raining. Been trying to get something done in the garden but had to give up at 2-ish and come in for lunch. Bored stiff ever since!


Anonymous said...

Camellias are one of my favorites. Here, they are mostly seen in Red or white.

avalon said...

You do make me smile with your little friends you make love frank! also loved daisy the little lamb. Great pictures of the camellias beautiful colour. Emma looks well now thank goodness!

Tricia said...

Good to have an update Jan and see you back here again!

Good news that Frank is back and Emma certainly looks to be enjoying the water!

Janine said...

Yay! Frank is looking as cute as ever.

Betty said...

Oh, that Frank is so cute! Glad he's back!

Emma in the stream looks so happy...she always looks happy, though. Good on ya!

oldcrow61 said...

A wonderful picture of little Frank. The flowers are gorgeous. Looks like Emma was enjoying the water, as usual, lol.