Monday, 23 March 2009

Busy at the farm

At last have a few minutes to spare to do an update. Have been looking after my friend's farm for just over two weeks now, and trying to fit in all the normal life things that I always do, and am afraid the internet and blogging etc has had to take a back seat. The weather has been fabulous so that's meant every available second has been spent outdoors, making the most of it. Alan has been here a lot of the time too so not fair on him for me to be online all the time like I would normally when I'm stuck here on my own. As it is, I still found a bit of time each day to do my online quizzes, to which I am well and truly hooked!

Everything has been going okay at the farm apart from a shock the second day. Went up to find one of the ewes had produced twins! Well nothing unusual in that I suppose, but for the fact that the young last year's rams (Frank and BeBop) were castrated last year. Apparently it's not always 100% successful, and they needed to be rechecked in October, but this wasn't done. So mass panic set in, as I wasn't sure whether the mum could feed them, how many more were due to drop etc. Phone calls back and forth and a chap came up and checked and said that at least 6 of the ewes were in lamb. Oh gawd!

Anyway, long story short, another chap who has been doing some work up there for my friends came and took the ewe, her two lambs, and two other ewes who were about to drop in the very near future, away to his farm after the first week, and I let out a big sigh of relief!

The Red Kites are building their nest in the tree in the lane same place as last year, the nest that blew down and left a chick for Kate to rescue. Seems they haven't learned their lesson sadly, just have to hope it doesn't happen again this year.

One of my hedgehogs from last year is back, been around for over two weeks, due to the mild weather I guess. Been feeding him in the front porch, but he hasn't shown up early on the webcam now for ages, never been before I go to bed.

Today I had my record number of Goldfinches at one time on the feeders outside the living room window - 10 of them. Fabulous sight. Also have 6 Siskins coming regularly.

Apart from that, everything else in life going well, relationship-wise, and Emma- wise, so not really much else to say, so I won't!

Just a few photos I've taken up there over the past fortnight then.

The Place of the Skull lol


Tricia said...

Lovely to see you again Jan. You have been busy as usual! And good news on the relationship and Emma fronts.

I too would have been relieved that the ewes and lambs were taken off my hands. Lol

avalon said...

Great you are back, sounds like a very busy time, and what a shock to find the twin lambs there, at least you have had the good weather up there. So pleased everything is working out ok, and emma is well x

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like life has been full of excitement for you. So happy to hear that Emma is doing well. Lovely looking horses and the lambs are so cute. Hope to see you around soon.

Anonymous said...

Teh local sheep farm here has a few brown lambs this year, very cute.

Betty said...

Lovely photos; I'm glad you were able to take care of the ewes and the lambs.

I'm just back from Little Rock and catching up. I'm happy for you and Alan...sounds as though you are doing well together. Also, I'm so happy to hear Emma is 'issue-free', so to speak. She's such a doll!