Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sunday - National Botanical Gardens

Well finally gotten round to posting some of the photos I took on Sunday at the above. Had a nice day out, a repeat of last March 1st of course except I wasn't alone this year. Still didn't feel all that well though like last year, and still haven't done since either. Just can't seem to get warm, or at least I am either too hot and sweating or shivering with cold. It's like I have a cold that won't come out. Been a bit achy too. And now I have to brace myself and get motivated because as of tomorrow evening I have the farm to do for the next three weeks. Not at all enthusiastic about it really this time, but I always say that then when I start doing it, soon get into the routine. Not sure if I will be staying up there this time, doesn't seem worth the hassle really, feel more comfortable here, Kate doesn't mind either way.

Other news, Emma is doing well. First photo here was taken in Alan's garden one day last week. She had one morning with a bit of runny poo but otherwise no problems at all, and is still very lively.

Was getting worried about Little Frank. Hadn't seen him since last Friday morning, but then I was away for the weekend, and thought maybe he'd been round and had no luck so had given up, but he came today twice, much to my relief. I had a horrible shock yesterday when I came in at teatime to find a huge area of the grass by the bird table covered in feathers and a leg, claw and a bit of intestines. I could see it wasn't a Sparrow, too big, looks like a poor female Blackbird has been killed, I had a feeling there was a hawk around again, the feeders aren't getting emptied very fast just lately.

Weather turned back to winter after a lovely February, had snow yesterday morning, hailstones and minus 5c overnight. Previously two days of rain, so back to squelching around in wellies after a lovely dry few weeks. Roll on May. Unless it's like last year's of course, then forget it.


Betty said...

I just love pictures of Emma...she always looks so surprised...or interested...too cute!

Hope you feel better soon!

Pete said...

nice photos jan. Love the one of Emma!!

oldcrow61 said...

I haven't stopped laughing at that picture of Emma. I even had to call Roger over to have a look. What a doll. The expressions on her face just knock me out, lol. Lovely pictures of the Botanical Gardens.

Jan said...

Yeah, she was very worried, the folding chair was a bit wobbly, and she'd already jumped off once, but I put her back on to get the photo. She wouldn't stay up the garden with us, and kept wanting to go back indoors which was a pain lol.

Tricia said...

Emma looks as appealing as ever and your picture of Botanic gardens are great Jan :D

Feel better soon :)

Janine said...

Looks an interesting place, Jan, cool pics! Happy Birthday, and thanks for my card! (love the owls)