Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Yesterday had two appointments in town - dentist and SpecSavers. Great news was nothing needed doing at either, makes a pleasant change. I had an hour or so to kill in between and didn't fancy a cafe on my own, so got a baguette and bun from Greggs and sat outside on the bench to eat them - yes, it is January, but it was dry and sunny and not that cold with a coat on. Well got inundated with pigeons, it was great! They were landing on my shoulders, my arms, eating from my hand, I think they had a good half of the baguette, including the sweetcorn and tuna contents.

Anyway, a couple of guys came along and were giving them bits of their pies so gave me a bit of a break to eat my Belgian Bun..... when I noticed that one of the birds had brown cotton tightly round both his feet, joining them together so he was having trouble walking. It was cutting right in to the poor things toes on both feet, so me being me, had to try and do something. I managed to get hold of him by hooking my finger through the cotton, and then tried to unravel it without success. I looked around and was about to put him under my coat and go into Boots to buy apair of scissors, but a lady came out of the bakers smiling, and on the off chance I asked her if she had a pair of scissors in her bag, and bless her, she found some. I was then able to completely remove all the cotton from his poor little feet and he flew off happily. One successful result anyway, there are lots of the birds there with toes missing, and even whole feet, poor little devils. Anyway, in the panic to grab this one, my bun went down on the floor and the pigeons had the bulk of it, icing and cherry included!

Today went to my friend Pat's for nice lunch and catch up chat, and took dogs for a walk up the hill. Emma fine still thank goodness. We had a bit of snow overnight and I actually drove through a blizzard on the way over and nearly turned back but it was fine after thank gawd.


Betty said...

I just love Emma's little expression..she is adorable!

What a good person you are to untangle the poor pigeon's feet...I'm sure he/she is much happier now, eh?

Pete said...

good news about Emma.

and the Pigeon is sssooo you :D

oldcrow61 said...

A great story about the pigeon. How lucky for it that you decided to sit down there. That Emma...the expressions on her face is just too much, lol.

Janine said...

Good work Jan!
I carry a swiss army credit card with me everywhere I go, for occasions such as these... its a tiny knife but has come in handy.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for the rescue.

I had to pull Parker out of the stream the other day after he broke through the ice and could not climb out of the water.