Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sandy Water Park

Went over to Alan's today, and we took Emma for a nice walk round the lake at the above place, weather surprisingly good, after last night's strong gales here, and a hailstorm and thunder and lightening about 3.30 am. He said the weather was good and was right - it's like a different world only 25 miles away, here it was black and I drove through a bit of sleet on the way. Got over his side and it was blue skies and sunshine.

He brought along a big bag of bread to feed the birds, we learned our lesson from last week when we went there and felt very mean. Mind you, I think they are well fed, everyone and his aunt seems to turn up to feed them. Lots of black headed gulls, around 12 or so swans, two male muscovy ducks and one hen, lots of coots, moorhens, mallards and three lovely male tufted ducks who kept diving down for the bread that sank!

We went along to North Dock after and went in the cafe there and had a lovely coffee and toasted teacake looking out over Carmarthen Bay estuary. The cafe was packed at 3.30 on a January afternoon, just shows that you don't need tourists, and that local people still want to get out and about in January!

All this was a bit of a surprise really, I didn't post before because we had sort of broken up as of Friday, but I'm not going into great detail at the moment, still getting over it, but we are going to remain good friends for the time being, so hopefully status quo for now.


Betty said...

What a lovely area. Glad you and Alan had coffee and teacake together...staying friends is important. Good luck.

Pete said...

where did that sun go ? chucking it down.

I counted 7 male Tufties!! LOVELY birds

hope you remain friends.

oldcrow61 said...

Me too Jan, hope you remain friends. Lovely pictures.

Tricia said...

Jan - fingers crossed for you.

And some lovely pictures there!