Monday, 27 April 2009

Trying to catch up a bit

Well, hopeless task to go right back to Easter with this, seems like ages ago now, I had a nice weekend, went to some good places, the weather was fab, and I took some photos, but other than that can't really remember what or where until I sort through them for this!

At present, am doing the farm, only four days this time, and of course the weather changed in my honour, turned wet and a lot colder but still.

Bird stuff, well a first, a pair of Redpolls on my niger seed feeder, been coming a few days now. Not a very good photo cos it's only through the glass window, didn't dare open, they would have been off, but it's a proof shot more than anything!

Frank still coming and taking plenty of worms, had to buy another £3.50 on Saturday in the Pet shop, his babies must be at least 11 days old now so due to fledge shortly I would think. Mrs Frank getting a bit bolder but still won't come too near.

Had an upset this morning, a pair of blackbirds have been nesting in a large bush out the back, I checked the nest last week and she had 4 lovely eggs. Had another look this morning as I noticed she wasn't sitting, and all that remained were the shells, perfectly broken in half. I wonder if a hedgehog would have climbed up in there or maybe a rat, grrrrr. I suppose could even have been a magpie, have noticed one around a bit more lately. Thank goodness the babies weren't being formed properly, that would have been awful. Only hope the hen is ok, not seen her today but no feathers around.

Emma still doing good, been lively and happy. Her last blood tests show her albumen levels still slightly low, but Damien says to keep her on the same diet for now and re-test again in about another 2 months. Her weight is staying stable so that was a relief, wasn't sure if I was giving her too much or not enough. Oh, she is on some other heart pills now too in addition to the Fortekor that she's been on for a couple of years, wonder how much they are going to set me back. Still haven't received any insurance money for this lot, but that seems to be Damien's fault slightly, he promised to get the forms sent off last week, and the week before that and .....bless! (No comments...) He said it was his next job when I saw him at 4.35 last Tuesday, as he glanced at the clock (they shut at 5)

I've been really busy getting stuck into doing some gardening again, last year it all got left apart from basics like grass cutting, but have got the bug again and bought a new greenhouse cover a few weeks ago, and have got cucumbers tomatoes and strawberries on the go in there now, going to buy some bedding plants this week and get my tubs and hanging baskets sorted out. Done a new rockery in the front garden, and a new border near the aviary with Sunflowers, Lupins,Red Hot Pokers and asters coming along, and the steep grassy bank round the back which has always been a nightmare to look after I've planted out with lots of wild flowers, bluebells, primroses, violets, forget-me-nots and chucked a lot of wild seeds in which may or may not come up.

Can't think of anything else much to catch up on really, so will post all the photos that I can find out from the phone and memory card and put what they were beneath if I can remember!


Unwelcome visitor from a couple of weeks back

Mouse in the shed, inside a polythene bag, they think you can't see them lol

New Rockery

New Passion Flower with trellis, Flowering Currant and Teasels

The bank with wild plants

Emma at Easter, Teifi marshes Nature Reserve, Cilgerran

Walk along the coastal cliff path at Aberaeron Easter weekend

Walk along the coastal path at Llansteffan, Sunday 19th April

Visit to Red Kite Feeding Station, near Llandeilo, Sat 18th - Great close ups of the Kites, better than at Gigrin Pete, not such a nice set up though, no tea room!

And finally.....

Emma had a bath! I'm fed up with people saying she is fat. She isn't. She has a wide ribcage and is stocky. You can feel her ribs and her spine. The fur makes her look tubby. When she is wet all is revealed. So there.


Pete said...

poor little emma, you took away her diginity poor little thing

like the views at wharley.

i'll have to keep that red kite place in mind. pity about the tea room though :D

Tricia said...

Some beautiful scenery from your coastal walk Jan.

Emma doesn't look happy about having her picture taken whilst being soggy from her bath! Lol

Betty said...

What lovely pictures; but, of course, my favorites are of Emma! She is just so precious!

oldcrow61 said...

Emma is not happy at all in the last picture, lol. Love the other ones of her, she's such a beauty. You have the cutest little mice. What a face on that little one. You've certainly been busy, I've been trying to get things done outside as well. Great pictures Jan.