Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Just a quickie (again)

Well I'm still alive, still can't find time to do this, but for all you Emma lovers out there, I thought I'd just do these cute photos I took this morning. ;o)

Other than that, I have finished my 5 weeks at the farm, had a great time, lived in every weekend and a couple of other odd days, have another 4 day stint to do weekend after next, plus will be helping them move the sheep around this weekend if it stays dry, being split into two flocks and rams moved etc.

I have a healing suspected broken toe at present, I cleverly walked into my exercise bike in bare feet last Thursday, so for those with a strong stomach, theres a couple of pics of the damage. Was screaming in pain for about 5 minutes, I'm not normally such a wimp, it's normally a lot of swearing and ouching and rubbing but not this time, I have never, ever felt such pain I can tell you. Didn't bother with docs or hospital as they don't do anything anyway. It's okay now though, still a bit black but I can walk fine as long as I don't bump them against anything....

Been flying about here there and everywhere, never got time to do anything but the necessaries, and that's set to continue for the rest of this week for sure.

Oh, the good news too, one of my little hand tame robins is back, but having to dash about else he gets beaten up by the other one by the back door. Managing to get him some mealworms now and then anyway, seen him twice today. I can't make up my mind which one it is, the breast marking tells me it's Sage though, but I so wanted it to be one of the other two, they were my first little babies, Sage never got quite so tame, but he is coming onto my hand very quickly, not sure.

Right, well I shall post the pics and then off to watch Im a Celebrity Get Me Outa Here, so I am pretty tied up from 9-10pm for the next three weeks, unless I lose interest of course, but at present can't take my eyes off Simon Webbe.... cough.

Ive just sent these photos off to Cute Overload, will let you know if they publish them.



Karen said...

Ouch Jan, I still remember the pain when I broke my toe about 25 years ago, it was sooooo painful!
Cute pics of Emma. Glad you are still enjoying your garden birds. Btw, I have got back to my drawing and am continuing with the little robin from your photo. I'm hoping it will be one of my Christmas cards for this year. Tried for a while to work out how to draw snow but gave up!

Tricia said...

Ouch - that looks painful Jan. Good to see you back again.

Pete said...

cute emma!! I've missed her!!

oh hello Jan :D

oldcrow61 said...

So good to see you back here. Aww, sweet Emma, what a darling. Don't like the look of that toe, must be awfully painful.

Janine said...

You were right not to go to the doctor. I broke my toe as a kid and they put a single strip of tape taping it to the one next to it (2nd and 3rd toe) and charged a fortune to my parents insurance for it! Hope it gets better soon, farm pics are great as usual!