Monday, 20 October 2008

No fainting please...

....well I'm not going to make a habit of it again, but just to let everyone know I am still alive, am fine, (well most of the time) and a very brief update I suppose of my exciting life since the last time on here.

Well I can't begin to remember all that's happened in just over a month, but I suppose things of note are :-

(1) I am still seeing Alan,
(2) Went to see my mum for a very long overdue visit, only could manage 4 days though
(3) All the work at last finished in the bungalow, central heating is bloody great
(4) I've been doing the farm for 11 days now, have 21 left, no problems so far, have "lived in" last weekend and the weekend before, with Alan. Don't fancy doing it on my own up there though
(5) Still feeding hedgehogs, not sure how many coming now though, but there is one living in my box in the garden, a large, unmarked one.
(6) All my dear little Robins long since disappeared, the last sighting was the last day I blogged here, with little Frank, I think it was a farewell song. All three went the same day, can't get my head round it. There are three others here, none are tame, they must've reclaimed the territory and my little ones had to move on. Very sad about that.
(7)Lost interest in the internet really, hence my lack of blogging, I often only switch on for half an hour or so to do my quizzes. Maybe with winter coming along I will have more time/inclination not sure, shame really I know, but just seem to have other things to do all the time. I've not used my camera in weeks either, but did take a couple of pics up the farm the other day with my Nokia, so will end now with those.

Fantastic sunset at the farm on Thursday evening, taken at 18.40 pm

Biggley keeping my car battery warm for me


Janine said...

Hi Jan, glad to hear all is well. Sorry to hear about the Robins all disappearing suddenly like that but soon they will be back!

Tricia said...

Jan - so pleased to hear all is well with you. You must be glad to have some warmth now too, which hopefully will have made all that disruption seem worthwhile.

oldcrow61 said...

Jan, thank goodness you've put in an appearance. Was starting to get a little worried though figured you must be pretty busy. I'm happy to hear that they've finished with your house. Bet the central heating is wonderful. Hugs.

Pete said...

nice to hear you are ok.

bet you lurve the central heating. was it worth the upheaval?

Anna said...

Like OC, I was getting a bit owrried too!

Glad to hear you're okay.

Pete said...

hey how's emma?