Friday, 15 May 2009

Hog News!

I think there must be a whole army of them out there at night. The garden is covered, and I mean covered, with hog poo! I picked up about a sack load from the back path and front porch yesterday, and there's dollops all over the grass everywhere I look. Sorry if that's too much info!

Anyway, I know for sure I have three. One is marked with white on rear end, one has marks between front shoulders, and last night, a little cutey in front porch, very small, no marks, too early to be this years of course, but I guess one of last years babies that made it through the winter.

Few shots from the webcam, last night for the first time there were two at once, and much bumping and barging going on.

Went to collect the dish from front porch just now and one of them had wee'd in it. Lovely creatures aren't they?

Anyway, cam is not an option for you early-to-bed merchants, they aren't appearing till gone 10pm, captures from last night were about 11-ish. Sowwy! (You know who you are) ;o)


Tricia said...

Golly - they've kept you busy Jan. It's great that they're visiting all the time - wish I could say the same!

Glad the cam's up and running still :D

Pete said...

i'll be waiting..... give it time they'll be on before 10:15 :D