Friday, 22 May 2009

Birds and Hog/s

Well what can I say? Well for the sake of trying to be polite, (for a change) Fed Up would be the best way of putting it. I'm sick and tired of this godawful weather. Grey skies, drizzle, torrential rain, 10c most of the time highest temps, wind, and central heating still on. 'Nuff said. Grrrrrr.

Okay so I took some photos of the birds in my aviary the other day cos I had been given a new budgie, who has been living indoors in a cage. Long story short, she wouldn't tame down with the owner, I had a try, and she is completely mental, in fact I have called her Psycho! So anyway, she's now gone out into the aviary with my others and has settled well so I took some pics to show the previous owner when I see her (Alan's sister's neighbour) Also took some of a few of my cockatiels.

Frank been back a couple of times this week for the mealworms. Eaten three or four then flown off with just one. He'd disappeared for about 2 weeks again. I say "he" lightly now. I have a theory. I think Frank may, after all, be female. Its the only explanation I can come up with for the pattern of appearing/disappearing. I think when s/he was coming and taking zillions of worms a few weeks ago, obviously feeding chicks, which I think both male and female do. When s/he disappears for a couple of weeks, could be sitting on a nest of eggs, and just turning up for a few to eat on her lunch/tea break? Obviously if I'm not around at those times, I wouldn't see her. Dunno, could be anyway I think.

Also now got a lovely male blackbird named Thierry, after the gorgeous male black man, swoon, erm, yes he is at the window looking in at me all the time, I'm having to throw him 8 or so mealworms at a time. There's also another Robin who is becoming bolder, taking lots, both of these are nesting really close by because they literally are gone and back within about 1 minute! Costing me a fortune.

Took a couple of proper shots of the hoggy in front porch last night, very cute, the unmarked one. Will have to think of some names for these this year. Hum.

Dunno what's in store for the weekend, if the weather stays the same as now not very much I think. Got the farm next week for three days, then the following week for eight days, so hope maybe we may have an end to this wet and miserable bloody cold. Everyone is saying it's more like March. Well I was warmer in February.


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Janine said...

That hoggie has a lovely dish of food. I cant imagine what you must be spending on all those mealworms, ever try buying in bulk or breeding them yourself? Found this site on a reptile forum, might be cheaper?

Tricia said...

Sorry you're suffering bad weather still Jan - you'll have to come east for some sun at the mo.!

Great pics of the hoggs - they must feel they've hit the greatest restaurant with what's on your hog menu!!

Jan said...

Thanks Jan, had a look at that site, yep, for the bulk amounts, certainly cheaper than my normal supplies, the Pet Shop locally is £3.50 for 100gms, they do 500g for £7.67 by the looks of things. Don't want to go too silly with the amounts though because they do turn into beetles in about 2 to 3 weeks!

oldcrow61 said...

Sorry to hear that you're having such miserable weather. Hope it changes soon. Great pictures.