Thursday, 7 January 2010

Oh Wow!

Managed to escape today, yippee. The road was slippery to say the least but I had to risk it cos I was almost out of bird seed, 40 kilos gone in 3 weeks, whoops! Anyhow, the main roads all the way to the shop where I get same were fine, it's only this bit here and I managed to reverse out of the garage without hitting Mike's RAC van, but it was a bit close, I could see him looking a bit worried (he'd already folded in the door mirror lol)

So anyhow made it, spent £30 (Again) on birdy stuff, stopped at the fruit veg and freezer shop on the way back, and got some shopping for the old girl next door, and pulled up a couple of times on the way back to take some photos, it looks bloody amazing, if it weren't for the cold, I wouldn't mind it being like this a while as long as I can still get around! At 8.30 this am up at my aviary, the temp was minus 15c. It was minus 11c on the one by the back door. Queues of birds waiting all day, been out and fed about 4 times already, and now just off to do the last lot of the day before it gets dark. Nights drawing out already I'm pleased to say, it's getting nearer 5pm before it's dark already.

First six pics taken in the garden this morning,(first one is of my bamboo, flattened by the weight of the snow, normally stands about 6 feet) rest are on the way back to the village, showing Wind Turbines (again, sorry!) and the hillside and valley, and the lovely little lane leading to the farm.

Edit - just done the last feed of the day and it's already minus 11c up at the aviary! Holy Shit.


Tricia said...

I've also got to go out for more bird food to my local supplier abut 8 miles away. Hopefully won't be too bad as it's mainly main roads.

Some wonderfully scenic pictures there Jan but minus 11 degrees - oh my gosh!!

Pete said...

lovely scenery. but i'm getting fed up of the white stuff

oldcrow61 said...

I can't believe that I'm actually seeing snow pictures on your blog, lol. Here the grass is still green like in summer. Nice pictures Jan.