Friday, 6 June 2008

A week gone by, no time to breathe!

Well I think the best thing is to do a "nic" here and just do a brief day by day thingy, cos if I don't do this now, while I have about an hour to spare, I don't know when I will. With the light evenings now, by the time I've got back from the farm, and done the pets teas and eaten my own it's normally around 7.30, washed up, time to watch Springwatch. Then 9 oclock and doing stuff out in the garden a while before doing the hedgehogs and mice in the shed food. Sometimes it's 10 pm before I sit down and relax! Not complaining though. Oh, mice in shed becoming very tame, one comes right up to me now, I am going to try and get it to take peanut from my hand when I have time. 5 of them come round the dish most nights whilst I squat down and talk to them, only a couple of feet away. Also been doing all my plant tubs this week, plus I've got runner beans and tomato plants all on the go. Fingers crossed we don't get a frost like last year around this date.... Okay so here goes with the nitty gritty -

Saturday: Alan came over mid-morning, and we put up my two new fence panels, and we did the farm together in the afternoon, showed him around a bit of course. Was impressed. Now wants a farm again. Evening we watched the final of Britains Got Talent and were disgusted at the public's choice of winner!

Sunday: Farm am (was hard to get out of bed, but we managed it eventually *cough*) We then went to Aberaeron and had lunch sitting outside a street Cafe, followed by yummy Honey Ice Creams from Hive on the Quay. Nice walk round the harbour and the shops. Came back and did the farm pm.

Monday: Farm am. Alan left after lunch to go to see his dad the other side of Wales. I did farm pm on my own. Sniff.

Tuesday: Farm am. Cleaned out the aviary, and cut all the grass, phew was I hot and knacked, but after a shower and lunch, took Emma to see Damien in afternoon. First time I've seen himself for about three months! Still think he's really cool, but *drum roll* I now prefer Alan. (No fainting please) Damien still makes my heart beat faster but I found myself comparing him as we talked about Emma (who is ok by the way, just wanted to set my mind at rest about her breathing, coughing and being a bit lethargic)and I thought, nah, you're too thin boy, you're too young, and I just got real I suppose. Oh and I'm now almost positive that he knows the valentine stuff was from me, he seemed different somehow, a bit embarrassed, but still the complete professional, smiley and chatty, love him. Or not, as the case maybe. Erm, where was I? Oh yes, home and farm pm.

Wednesday: Took my neighbour Eileen (my pet sitter) shopping. Did a marathon shop at Morrisons and Tesco. Farm of course either side of that.

Thursday: Farm am. Had hair cut, only ends trimmed though, not a disaster like the last time I let Sue loose on it! Alan came over just after lunch and he fixed the door of my car (hopefully) which has been playing up for months. It either won't shut or won't open, depending on its mood. Did the farm together. The pair of red kites were about, first time I've ever seen them flying together, maybe they will try for another nest, hope so. One of them took off toward my home direction (which is about a mile and a half I guess as the Kite flies,) so I'm pretty sure that the one I have over my garden and field on occasion is Bernie or Mrs Bernie. One of the mummy Ewes is limping very badly. had a look at her foot and took out a bit of mud, but it was only soft stuff, can't see what else is up. Came home. Had tea. Alan went home after Springwatch. Sniff.

Friday: Today - yay, caught up. Well I took a loada photos only with the Nokia today though, didn't bother with the proper camera cos I've taken so many up there on previous stints that I wasn't going to bother, then thought oh why not?

So that's about it. Just to add that the photo of the cows is me being very brave and actually going up to them and talking to them. They appeared in the field along the lane a few days back. I think they are all young bullocks, yes I said bullocks, and they are scaring the shite out of me. When they see us walking by, they run like hell towards us and I keep thinking, please god let them stop at the fence, let the fence stay strong.... I had an even closer encounter the first day they were there. They were way over the far side of their field, and I had to come out of the one that I walked the dogs in, just briefly into theirs to get out of another gate, and they saw me and started coming over. Jeez was I panicking cos I couldn't get the string round the gate undone and done up again! Made it though. Just. See cows don't like Dogs too much, I know from previous encounters.

And apart from all that, I am so enjoying this whole new experience for me with Alan. It's proper courting really, so nice to be made to feel wanted, and cherished and special after all these years. In fact, I never really ever had that with any previous relationship for one reason or another. The companionship thing is so good between us, and I just love being with him. I haven't felt this happy about my life for a long time. If ever. Feel completely comfortable, and relaxed with him, but not pining when he's not here either. It's hard to explain. I think it's because I am older and wiser, and living each day as it comes. Normally I go so overboard about someone and get myself all wound up and craving their company 24/7. I think it's because I've now been on my own for a few years and still like my time alone, but also want the companionship of someone special, didn't think it would be possible to have my cake and eat it, but seems that maybe I can, as he seems to be happy with the arrangement too. We each have our own lives to lead and stuff to do without each other, as well as with. Yes, I think I can safely say I am very fortunate to have met him, I didn't think he existed. All say aaaahhhh!

Alan is back tomorrow for the weekend, so doubt I'll be on again, it's not fair on him although he doesn't mind! Kate & Terence back late Sunday night so not much more to do up the farm now. I have some more bookings coming up though in the not too distant future.

So here's some photos anyway. One to explain, you'll have to turn your head sideways cos for speed I've done these straight from the memory card with no messing, and it's of the swallows building a nest in the shed and all the mud and crap is falling all over Terence's car! First nest fell off the beam, so hoped they would give up, it's very low and an easy target for the cats, but they've started it again today. Oh dear.

Skye having a roll in the cut grass

Beautiful fields of golden buttercups everywhere

The lambs are nearly as big as the mum ewes now. Will be weaned off the bottle feeding next week probably.


Pete said...

nice set of photos jan. nice to hear you so chipper

oldcrow61 said...

A man for the devil you. lol. Wonderful about the mice. Love the pictures.

Janine said...

Time flies when you are having fun! Brave of you to get that pic of the cows, I find them terrifying as well.

Eagleseagles said...

Finally caught up!

I am pleased you are so happy!