Thursday 21 January 2010

Some pics from today

Took Emma to Sandy Water Park after some more shopping (we're not shopaholics, honest...) I see from my saved photos, we were there almost a year today - 29th Jan 2009.

Used a whole large loaf of bread, and the greatest buzz was from throwing bread to the Black Headed Gulls, some of which we got to take from our hands in flight. There were lots of Coots, more than I'd ever seen in one place, and I think they were all grateful for the feed today, cos not many other people would have been mad enough to be there - it was bloody freezing!

Some photos from yesterday

Alan and I went to Swansea yesterday for a look in some of the shops, and after took Emma for a walk round the lake. Bought lots of bread to feed the birdies, and counted 55 Canada Geese, some Muscovies, various other Geese, lots of Swans, and would like an ID on the one with the stripey head, (on the far left in the last photo) and the one that has the wing markings of the Muscovy, but a black neck and face? (the first photo) Anyone?

Thursday 7 January 2010

Oh Wow!

Managed to escape today, yippee. The road was slippery to say the least but I had to risk it cos I was almost out of bird seed, 40 kilos gone in 3 weeks, whoops! Anyhow, the main roads all the way to the shop where I get same were fine, it's only this bit here and I managed to reverse out of the garage without hitting Mike's RAC van, but it was a bit close, I could see him looking a bit worried (he'd already folded in the door mirror lol)

So anyhow made it, spent £30 (Again) on birdy stuff, stopped at the fruit veg and freezer shop on the way back, and got some shopping for the old girl next door, and pulled up a couple of times on the way back to take some photos, it looks bloody amazing, if it weren't for the cold, I wouldn't mind it being like this a while as long as I can still get around! At 8.30 this am up at my aviary, the temp was minus 15c. It was minus 11c on the one by the back door. Queues of birds waiting all day, been out and fed about 4 times already, and now just off to do the last lot of the day before it gets dark. Nights drawing out already I'm pleased to say, it's getting nearer 5pm before it's dark already.

First six pics taken in the garden this morning,(first one is of my bamboo, flattened by the weight of the snow, normally stands about 6 feet) rest are on the way back to the village, showing Wind Turbines (again, sorry!) and the hillside and valley, and the lovely little lane leading to the farm.

Edit - just done the last feed of the day and it's already minus 11c up at the aviary! Holy Shit.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Just Frank

Beautiful day here. Frank been helping me in the garden, and actually had the nerve to chase off one of the other resident Robins. Loads more snow fallen and am well and truly stuck here. I'd love to go for a walk, but Emma won't be wanting to and feel stupid walking around alone. Anyhow, I already slipped and fell once in the garden so no doubt would make an idiot of myself in public lol. Got a bootfull of snow and a wet bum for my troubles, just trying to get a better shot of Frank.... (feel free to laugh, cos I did, only hurt my pride, well and my hand a bit... )

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Still snowing ....

It snowed some more....

Been falling heavily all day. Thank god I went and got some shopping in yesterday, nobody has been able to go anywhere here today. We have around 8 or 9 inches now, it looks fantastic but a bit worrying for all the animals, and farmers being unable to get to them in some cases. The RAC man who lives opposite hasn't been able to get out of our road, and he said even yesterday that he was unable to get to two different breakdowns because of the snow. Our council is only gritting the minimum of roads, the primary through roads, and I don't think they've even done that today, haven't been to look but haven't heard any traffic moving at all today, they have run out of grit I think.

Little Frank been here most of the day, sitting in the front porch, or round at the kitchen window a few times. Great news as he seems that he can use his little injured leg a bit now, I didn't actually think it was him this morning, couldn't believe it as he came in the kitchen window and was using both legs! He holds it up a fair bit, but obviously has a bit of use which is great news.

Oh well, not much else to report today, I've spent most of it going from one place to another putting food out for the birds, I have at least 14 Blackbirds coming and begging for food, plus a lovely Song Thrush which is fantastic, so rare for me here.

Monday 4 January 2010

Erm, it snowed....

No fainting please, this may well be a one-off blog, I don't know if I can keep it up, so much happens lately, so little time to spare, well not exactly, but I always seem to have other more important things to do, and just can't seem to get enthusiastic about using the pc so much these days, apart from looking up things, a couple of quizzes instead of my old 25 or so a day... and buying stuff online of course, which sometimes seems to be the best and cheapest way.

Anyway, enough waffle, I took some photos of the snow the other day when Alan and I went for a walk up the hillside and along the top, various bits and bobs. The snow came thick and fast on Saturday, luckily we'd made it home because it was a real blizzard. Has been the most beautiful weather since, blue skies and sunny days, but never rising much above freezing even so, and the weather men say we have more to come this week. It put paid to me going up to see mum over Christmas so I have all her pressies here still, awaiting a few decent days when we can travel safely hopefully. The main roads are clear-ish now, but the side roads and pavements are lethal, people are having to walk on the roads.

Other brief news which is a bit sad but trying not to make much of it and think about it too much, but Emma had a turn for the worse over the last month or so resulting in her being hospitalised at the vets on a drip twice, her kidneys have all but given up after a year, and she had a steroid injection to get them going again. So far, so good, her appetite returned and she is almost back to her old self but I have been warned that she probably only has months left now, she won't see next Christmas, and that I've been lucky she lasted this long since the onset of her kidney failure in December 2008. She hasn't got a lot of energy and doesn't want to walk very far now, if at all but is happy to be out in the garden really. It's hurting like hell to not be able to take her with us, like on the walk up in the snow, two years ago she would have been loving it.

Still mustn't dwell on it, treating every day as a bonus now and hope she carries on for a long time yet.

Another thing to mention is little Frank the robin is back on the scene daily, still being chased by the other one if given the chance, and the sad news is that he appears to have broken his leg/foot. Been dangling now for over a week and showing no sign of healing so I guess he is going to be burdened with that now, hope it doesn't make him more vulnerable. Jake the Blackbird has managed with a similar injury though for at least 3 years, so hopefully he will be ok. He is always waiting for me in the front porch mainly now, and I am debating whether to go get some live mealworms again as I know he prefers those, he will eat the dried ones reluctantly though and the suet pellets. All the birds are absolutely starving in this weather and I am being inundated with blackbirds (at least 10) chaffinches and starlings being the most numerous.

That's all for this time then, now will post some of the photos. First ones are of the garden and views from. (Alan made the Snow Owl and Snowman) :o)

Frank this morning